Soalan Lazim


Do You Rent Out Underwater Camera?

Yes, you can rent the camera at recreation center. 

If you want your photos to be taken, there are underwater photographer in the resort who will do it. You can make the necessary arrangement with them upon arrival.

Do You Provide Refund On Cancelled Snorkeling Trips ?

As our snorkeling trips are complimentary , we do not offer refund  if they are cancelled due to bad weather.

Can Laguna Resort Arrange A Candle Light Dinner?

Yes & the handling costs of dinner set up is RM500.00 & 5-course western dinner is priced at RM100.00 per person

What Is Deep-sea Snorkeling? Is It Dangerous To Someone Who Is An Amateur In Swimming?

Deep sea snorkelling is where the boat is moored in the middle of the sea, and guests descend from the boat directly into the sea.

All guests must wear a life jacket when snorkelling, so it is not dangerous to anyone.

Different Between Snorkeling And Diving ?

The different between the snorkeling and diving package is that snorkeling we use only a mask, snorkel and a life vast (jacket) to go snorkeling. This is like viewing the marine life from the surface. And for diving is the use of the Scuba equipment, such as, the tank with air, regulator set, BCD, mask, snorkel, fins, suit and weight system to dive. You need to be qualified to join in this program. Laguna do offer course for this program.  

Is There Any Games For Senior Citizen?

GAMES FOR SENIOR CITIZEN Games suggested for the senior citizens

  1. Congkak                            
  2. Carom                               
  3. Mahjong                            
  4. Pool Table                         
  5. Treasure Hunt
  6. Blind man walk
  7. Fill Water in the Bottle
  8. Stacking Cans
Do You Provide Power Mask?

We have power masks for rental in the resort. The power factor ranges from 2:00 to 7:00.

What is the Marine Park fee and how much is it?
  • The Department of Marine Parks Malaysia collects a fee from visitors coming to Redang Island. Proceeds from the collection will be used towards management and maintenance of the Marine Parks in order to provide facilities and convenience to visitors.
  • Fee structure in RM:  Malaysian Citizen  Non-Malaysian Citizen
  • Adult     5.00(Malaysian)    30.00(Foreigner)
  • Child     2.00 (Malaysian)   15.00(Foreigner)
  • Senior Citizen (above 55)  2.00(Malaysian)    15.00(Foreigner)
  • Disabled Person   Free   

      *All rates subject to change without prior notice*

I have never snorkelled. What tips can you give me about snorkelling?
  • Here are a few tips to help you to get the most out of your snorkelling sessions.
  • Choose a mask that fits well. Put the mask on your face without strapping, breathe in through your nose to create a vacuum in the mask and look down while holding your breath. If it fits well forming a perfect seal, it should not fall off. Adjust the snorkel length and position on the mask so that the mouthpiece fits comfortably in your mouth, between your teeth and lips. Bite gently on the protruding tabs to hold it in place and breathe in & out through your mouth.
  • To prevent your mask from fogging, rub a little defogging solution on the inside. Alternatively, you can use toothpaste, baby bath, shampoo or even saliva if you don't have anything else. Apply when dry then rinse the mask (but don't scrub it) before you wear it.
  • When wearing your mask, make sure you comb your hair back so that no hair gets trapped between the mask and your face which will cause leaks.
  • It is best to cover up for protection from the sun as well as from marine stingers you might accidentally brush against. Jellyfish and other marine stingers sting when they detect the presence of certain chemicals on human skin, so wearing clothes, wetsuits or swimsuits to cover skin also prevents stings.
What time are the snorkelling activities in Laguna?
  • The resort has two snorkelling trips daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • Every morning we bring our guests to the Marine Park Centre which is one of the best marine parks in Malaysia.
  • In the afternoon we bring our guests to open sea snorkelling where you can see corals and marine life in their natural environment.
Can we rent fins for snorkelling?

Redang Island is in the Marine Park waters and the Marine Parks Authority does not allow the use of fins for fear of swimmers damaging the corals. Only divers and snorkelling guides are allowed as they are trained in its usage.


Do you have jet skies or banana boats?

Redang Island is in the Marine Parks waters and the Marine Parks Authorities prohibit the use of motorized water sports. This is for the safety of the marine life and also guests.


What are the activities that we can do in Redang Island besides snorkelling or diving?
  • The resort has a fully equipped dive centre with experienced dive instructors to cater for your diving experience and also special chartered snorkelling trips, fishing trips and squid jigging that is seasonal, which are available and reasonably priced. Fishing is not allowed within a 3.2 km radius while collection of all marine life including shells and corals are strictly prohibited.
  • Guests can also charter a boat trip to Bidong Island, once a refugee camp for the Vietnamese boat people from the years 1975 until 1991. It is only a 30 minutes boat ride from Redang Island.
  • Watching sunrise and sunset - Sunrise over Pasir Panjang (the long beach in front of the resort). Sunrise is something not to be missed, even if the thought of waking up at 6am in the morning is not your idea of a holiday! You have front row seats to a breathtaking view, provided the weather is good and there are few clouds in the sky. There are a few resorts located on the western side of Redang but to catch the sunset, your best option is to charter a boat or sign up for a sunset cruise at the recreation centre.
  • Star gazing - On a clear night, gaze at the skies and be amazed at the myriads of stars in the night sky. If you look long enough your eyes will adjust to the darkness, revealing even more stars. If you're lucky, you might even see a few shooting stars. If you're into stargazing, bring your star map or better yet, use your smart-phone and GPS, load it up with Google Sky Map and spot all your favourite constellations and nearby planets. And if you're a really serious stargazer, bring a telescope, and you might even manage to spot one of Mar's moons!
  • If looking up at the sky is making your neck ache, look down instead. Bring your torch-lights and go beach combing at night, especially if the tide is out, you'll spot crabs, hermit crabs, tiny crustaceans and other small active nocturnal creatures. Sweep the sand at the water's edge and you might spot some tiny blue specks of light. Known commonly as 'blue sand', these are tiny crustaceans known as ostracods, which give off bioluminescent blue light as a defence mechanism.
  • Turtle watching - There are two species of turtles that visit Redang Island to nest. The most common is the green turtle followed by the hawksbill turtle. The nesting period for green turtles is between March to December with a peak in August. Hawksbill turtles usually nest between January to September with a peak in May. One of the favourite nesting spot in Redang is Pasir Chagar Hutang. Visitation to this sanctuary can be arranged at the recreation centre. If you're fortunate enough to see a turtle come up the beach to nest at night, try to observe it quietly without disturbing it.
  • Trekking - Trekking through jungle trails in Pulau Redang is probably one of the best ways to appreciate the island's flora and fauna, some of which are rare species. Among animal species that can be found are macaque monkeys, mouse-deers, monitor lizards, snakes, geckos, over 50 species of birds, 84 species of butterflies etc. If you are tired of snorkelling, you might consider spending 2 hours for jungle trekking. For reservations consult the recreation centre. You also might find a few monkey cups plants (Nepenthes sp. or pitcher plant). It got its name because monkeys are often spotted drinking water from the plant. These plants growing out from the vines can run several meters. To the Chinese, Monkey cups are signs of prosperity. Monkey cups are rare these days SO PLEASE DO NOT DAMAGE the plant or remove the cup from the leaf.
  • There is also a mini jungle trail walk available which is only a 40-minutes walk. This is through the hill nearby the resort. Please consult the Recreation centre for more information.
  • If you wish to capture your holiday photos, there is also a team of professional photographers that can take your photos underwater the water. They can also take videos of you snorkelling or diving.
What are the differences between snorkelling, scuba diving and discover scuba diving?
  • Snorkelling is when you don a life jacket, wear a mask and snorkel and floats on the surface of the sea while looking downwards at the beautiful corals and marine life beneath you.
  • Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving in which the scuba diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) which is completely independent of surface supply, to breathe underwater. Divers must produce their scuba diving license to prove that they are certified divers that had undergone professional training.
  • Discover scuba diving is for those who do not possess a scuba diving license but still can experience scuba diving. They are given a short but comprehensive safety briefing, then brought underwater and guided by our licensed dive masters whom are always by their side at all times until the discover scuba dive is over. It generally takes around 30-40 minutes under the water.


I have seen pictures of sharks close to the water’s edge, are they dangerous?
  • Commonly encountered shark species in Redang is the black tip reef sharks. They are readily identified by a black tip on its dorsal and lower tail fins. Growing to a maximum length of about 1.8 meters, this shy and timid shark prefers to avoid humans and is not considered dangerous. They love shallow water. Their diet consists mainly of small fish, cephalopods and shrimps.
  • Other sharks in Redang include the white tip reef shark, leopard shark, nurse shark and bamboo shark.
  • Whale sharks occasionally make an appearance in Redang waters during certain seasons feeding on plankton. None of the shark species found in Redang is considered dangerous.